Minehead Sawmills

Meet the Team


Rosie is chief sales excutive here in the Sawmills, but can turn her hand to anything from panel making to sawing and gate making.

She has extensive knowledge of all of our products and is always cheerful and ready to help and advise. She recently acquired super computer skills which is a massive bonus for the sawmills, one small draw back her learning curve has included becoming familar with online shopping!



Clifford- 'The Boss' The 'Big Dog' Clifford studied forestry at Bangor University in North Wales and is a forester by trade. Clifford has many years experience of fencing and forestry.

Clifford can often be found driving "only" the biggest machine in the sawmills, he claims he is moving materials around the yard.....................we know different! 


Brendon and MorganWhen not at McDonalds, Brendon can be found welding, cutting, grinding and generally repairing Minehead Sawmills machines.  Brendon is an accomplished welder, electrician and plumber.

Together with Andrew (Tractor Man) and Clifford they have designed, constructed and installed most of the machinery at the sawmills over the years.

Brendon can sometimes be seen driving the firm's fast track. 


Sally- Accounts Adminstrator

Sally is the office goddess and chaser of pennys- beware! Other talents include making a wonderful cup of tea and scaring off nuisance callers!

Sally also assists
with sales in the sawmills shop at busy times............

Our hard working camera shy team:

Anthony's  main duties are fencing stake production and  delivery driver.  He also helps in the yard with stock and in the  Sawmills.

Leon is the newest member of our Team and the youngest! He has taken on the important role of Timber treatment and assisting Rosie with sales in the yard. He also has taken on the role of wood chip producer. In addition he assists in the sawmill and is excellent at greasing the machinery.  His inquisitive nature can be overwhelming so he is limited to 20 questions a day!

Stan comes from Latvia and has worked for Minehead Sawmills for more than 10 years. Stan can turn his hand to almost anything.  Since  Henry's retirement, Stan has taken on the role of Panel, Trellis and Gate maker.  He is also very experienced at Sawmilling.


Morgan enjoys finding and retrieving hedgehogs - all hedgehogs are returned to the hedges unharmed. If no hedgehogs are available Morgan will find a football and retrieve this. He has been known to disappear and return with a freshly shot pheasant for dinner! 

Noah is the youngest employee, practises an unusual guard dog technique, if he can't trip up burglars he will lick them to death. He is the friendliest of the bunch and has been known to visit the garden centre cafe next door, in search of new friends.

Faithful Fergus always well behaved, (expect from the time he popped to munchies) the gentleman of the bunch. Fergus can mostly be found under the bosses desk. 

One eyed Willoughby sadly lost an eye when he was very young, but this does not impare him in any way. He will spot the tiniest biscuit or crumb as it drops to the floor.  Willoughby is nearly always found sleeping under Rosie's desk, he occasionally suffers from flatulance so Rosie says!

Brayley  is the 2nd youngest  member of the four legged team, she is very inquisitive and likes to think she is the leader of the pack, but Fergus knows better.

Georgie is now the youngest of the team, shes a big softy and likes nothing better than having cuddles.
Fergus and Morgan

Noah on Mothers Day
Morgan and Noah

Morgan at Christmas

"Our Opening Hours are Monday- Friday 7.45am- 4.30pm, Saturdays 8.30am-12.30pm"